Case study: Woody’s International Engineering

Woody’s International Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. produces high quality snowmobile accessories. They’re a second generation, family-owned business known for their traction products designed for safety and control.

Completed several years ago, we’re pulling this project out of the archives to share with you all!

In 2019, the team at Woody’s called us for a full workplace redesign project. Their building had been passed down through the family—without change—and desperately needed a refresh. We wanted to remove some of the built-ins and add flow and function to their two-story office space.


A common challenge we face is needing to work within the existing footprint, rather than completely gut the floorplan. 

We used our creativity and furniture options to create a more functional space and restructure offices where possible.


To give the lobby a more welcoming feel, a new history wall and product display was installed. We also provided a variety of seating options. 

The building was completely revamped with a fresh coat of paint, flooring, and AIS furniture—and art was provided to complement the space. Woody’s office now has a combination of their branding colors paired with industrial elements.

Acoustics was another problem for the team. To solve for this, we used two design tactics:

  • Lighting: BuzziSpace lighting reduces excessive background noise in open spaces while providing a unique aesthetic.
  • Flooring: We selected the J+J Flooring Kinetex carpet tile, a durable, carpet-like material that acts like a hard surface but also absorbs sound.

Enjoy these new photos!

Case Study: SOLV Marketing

red stools at a workplace counter in large, wood paneled office

SOLV Marketing is a Midland, Michigan creative agency offering social media marketing, video and photography, content writing, and brand identity services.


Often, our workplace design projects require us to start from scratch with a blank slate. But SOLV — being the creative geniuses they are — had already begun renovations on their office space. They installed the wood floor and wall paneling, the decal wallpaper, and the impressive chalkboard. 

But they found themselves trapped in a time-suck of searching for the perfect furniture and accessories. That’s when they called us at SPACE in for support and decision-making!


The SOLV team gave us specific direction on their vision. They wanted a steampunk theme: a retrofuturistic subgenre of science fiction that incorporates technology from 19th century steam-powered machinery. (We had to Google that!)

Their clear — if a bit complicated — theme meant they hadn’t found the right furniture solution. The team also wasn’t sure if they were going to stay in their leased building, so they requested a somewhat flexible design solution, just in case.

Finally, the building’s original wood trim is a much lighter tone than the color selected for the new flooring and wall paneling.

Working with the existing elements in their space, our team searched high and wide for the right furniture solution. We landed on Arcadia Contract’s Worksmith brand. This modern furniture style is functional, flexible, and ties in the lighter wood trim.

Taking SOLV’s stylistic lead with the steampunk theme, we selected a handful of fun, bold, humorous accessories. These included a globe, giant dice, a funky blue coat hanger, and a small wheeled cart. 

We’re proud of the way we stepped into this challenge, creating collaborative spaces and a laid back, enjoyable space for the SOLV Marketing team. We can work with you on any workplace design project — no matter what stage you’re in!

Completed photos:

Original renderings:

Employee feature: Lauren Greschaw

Lauren Greschaw, senior interior designer, is a six-year veteran at SPACE — and the lucky guinea pig for our new employee feature series!

Originally an editor, Lauren grew passionate about interior design. A quick Google search within her hometown of Midland, Michigan led her to SPACE, Inc. But Kathie Fuce-Hobohm gently told her she was too young — to come back when she had AutoCAD experience.

How did your path lead to SPACE?

I earned my bachelor’s degree in interior design from Ball State University in Indiana. When I showed back up at SPACE’s door, Kathie agreed to let me start as an intern — partly because I was the first person to ever return after she had suggested more experience was needed.

Kathie adds that she gave me the opportunity because of my “grit and determination to earn the internship position.”

What are you most proud about throughout your years with SPACE?

I joined the SPACE team as a very young adult, so this team — led by Kathie, Paddy, and Jenni —  has helped me find my personal and professional voice. I have an innate need to make people happy, so it’s incredibly fulfilling to complete a project alongside our team and watch the clients glow.

What has been the most surprising aspect of your work with SPACE?

I didn’t realize how intense it could be in working with furniture dealers. Furniture is usually one of the last parts of the puzzle, and we designers have to be fast-paced and nimble to manage bids and timelines.

Tell us about a favorite project or two you’ve worked on.

Spicer Group — a construction engineer company in Saginaw, Michigan — was the first large-scale project I worked on. I get to stay involved with them, as SPACE tackles a new, small chunk of Spicer’s building every year.

I also had a blast working with SOLV Marketing on their “steampunk” office style — something we’ve never done before. Stay tuned for the case study and photos!

In your opinion, what is the future of design — and how will SPACE be able to help?

We firmly believe that the future of design includes the ability to work from anywhere: an office, your home, or a rented VRBO across the country. Clients will — and already are — ask for a variety of collaborative meeting spaces, comfortable furniture, and flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes.

Throughout the past year, our design department has become much more collaborative than ever before. We’re ready for what’s to come.

Fun facts about Lauren:

Lauren’s personal design style: “A weird blend of mid-century modern and farmhouse.”

A design trend she hopes never returns: “Overly done peaches, pinks, and mauves.”

She loves kayaking, traveling, and she recently got a corgi puppy named Ginny — after the Harry Potter character, of course!

News release: SPACE takes on new challenges of workplace design

kathie fuce-hobohm smiles at table

SPACE, Inc.’s 26 years of designing work spaces that foster productivity, creativity and collaboration put the firm in a prime position to tackle the major challenges recent events have brought to the workplace. 

The focus will still be on designing for the future of work, but SPACE will now concentrate on three core areas to better serve clients: 

  • Design: Creating workplaces that reflect clients’ specific tastes, needs and budgets
  • Sustainability: Repurposing existing furniture to reduce waste while still reinventing spaces
  • Health and safety: Making sure workplaces keep staff safe

“Last year showed us that the future of work requires a variety of work settings—from offices, to homes, to coffee shops, and joint work spaces,” said Paddy Hobohm, SPACE president. “We help clients design smaller office spaces that foster collaboration, community, and efficiency for when employees are in the office. But we are also on the leading edge in supporting employers’ efforts to ensure staff well-being, which is a step beyond selecting furniture and design styles.” 

To reflect these changes, SPACE has revamped its brand and website.

“Our new branding is a bold statement that SPACE creates innovative workspaces for clients looking to stay ahead of the pack,” said Jenni Bush, senior vice president. “At the same time, the new branding elevates SPACE nationally to the front lines of interior workplace design.” The firm has offered full-space planning, layout, and execution for over 6,500 businesses in Michigan and government offices throughout the nation. 

In a transition that began three years ago, SPACE is also bringing on a second generation of leadership, as founder Kathie Fuce-Hobohm moves into an advisory role next year as the Chairman of the Board and her son Paddy Hobohm takes over

Hobohm came to the firm twelve years ago, starting in installation and working his way through scheduling and project management. In recent years he’s focused on the firm’s larger federal government projects. Hobohm earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He also has an associate’s degree from Delta College and went to high school in Midland. 

Bush is senior vice president, overseeing the firm’s 24 employees while also doing human relations, sales, and events. She has worked for SPACE almost 9 years, starting by entering orders. Bush has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Grand Valley State University, and a master’s degree in administration and leadership from Central Michigan University. 

Fuce-Hobohm and her former business partner Lisa Hulbert launched SPACE in 1995, with just five people. In 2004, the firm won its first federal government contract, and just three months later garnered another to provide furniture for the Department of Health and Human Services. In 2007, SPACE was named among Michigan 50 Companies to Watch. 

Meanwhile, Fuce-Hobohm never shied away from assisting other businesses. 

 “Kathie’s contributions to Midland’s business community are immeasurable,” said Tony Stamas, president and CEO of the Midland Business Alliance. “She is always willing to share her experiences and provide guidance and mentorship. Her willingness to help is seen both in our community and around the State of Michigan. At the same time she is guiding a great business, Kathie’s commitment to helping others is truly inspiring.” 

Fuce-Hobohm is gearing up for her last year at SPACE. 

“At SPACE, we design for the future of work,” Fuce-Hobohm said. “I predict that the work-from-anywhere movement will continue with full steam, so our company is actively adapting to interior design trends to suit employees’ needs wherever they work. 

“However, we know the pendulum may swing back, with people eager to work collectively again after so much time in isolation. Whatever trends the future brings, we’re ready,” Fuce-Hobohm said. 

Designing unique workspaces — wherever you work

modern office space

Recognizing the ever-changing environments you work in, SPACE designs unique workspaces. These creative solutions are designed for work at home, work in an office, or work wherever you are. Hear from Megan Thomas, Senior Interior Designer – Account Manager at SPACE.

A unique design solution for your workspace

woman in green outfit sits and smiles at desk

I am part of an incredibly smart, creative, and technical team. We design unique workspaces that enable our clients to work more comfortably and productively—all while minimizing disruption and cost to employers.

It’s this ability to provide a comprehensive design solution that sets us apart from our competitors. We provide furniture products—we’re a preferred Haworth dealer, and offer a long list of other brands including AIS, National, and OFS. But we also can completely reinvent your workspace according to your business needs. 

Clients come to us when they face changes in their workplace. Maybe they’ve outgrown their existing building or are restructuring their organization. Maybe they need to retain or recruit new talent. Or they’re faced with a global pandemic that forces them to completely rethink their way of working. Whatever the reason, our team can help.

Each client engagement begins with a discovery meeting, where we explore the client’s dreams and desires and examine the scope of work. Then, we enter the design engagement phase where we provide a quote for our services. From here we gather information about the project. Next, we field-measure the space and conduct a furniture inventory, before providing the client with 3D renderings for review. If all looks good, we enter all orders and complete installation.

A memorable project with Spence Brothers

Spence Brothers—a general contractor based in Saginaw, Michigan—came to us with a challenge. They were moving from their old, small building to a new, renovated marketplace building called SVRC Marketplace. As a result, the family-led team wanted to maintain their 125 year legacy of commercial construction while modernizing their workspace. 

The team gave me the word “streetscape” as their vision. We incorporated wood canopies and outdoor lights over enclosed, glass offices. We added pipes and wood for shelving and corrugated metal for the reception. The conference room was designed to mirror their historic one, with the same legacy table. As you enter the office space, they added a history wall and framed photos of completed projects.

What started as a bold vision, is now a workspace that properly represents the creativity of the Spence Brothers team.

What does the future hold for designing unique workspaces?

COVID-19 will surely leave behind many workplace changes in its path. We anticipate an increased desire for collaborative, comfortable, and hospitable workspaces. Coming out of a forced work from home era, employees may crave human interaction but in a cozy, relaxed environment instead. 

We’re eager to continue designing unique workspaces for the future of work!

A Q&A with SPACE Gen 2 leadership

young man sits at desk and smiles

As we celebrate our 26th anniversary and the launch of SPACE’s new brand, we’re excited to continue designing for the future of work. But what’s next for SPACE? Join us for a Q&A with SPACE Gen 2 leadership: Paddy Hobohm, president, and Jenni Bush, senior vice president.

How did the Gen 2 leadership get started at SPACE?


As Kathie’s son, I grew up in the business. But it was a requirement that I spend some time learning outside of SPACE. 

I attended high school in Midland, got my associate’s degree locally at Delta College, then spent a few years in Colorado. There, I earned my bachelor’s degree and worked at a property management company.

When I moved back to Michigan, I started at the bottom in installation. I worked my way through scheduling and project management—focusing on our larger federal government projects these past few years. Last year, I was named president.

While 2021 is a transition year for SPACE, I’ve learned and grown alongside Kathie for the past 12 years. As a small business leader, it’s important for me to have a strong grasp on all areas of the business.


I’m a Michigan native, as well. I attended Grand Valley State University for undergrad before earning my master’s degree at Central Michigan University in administration and leadership. My career began in higher education for Cornerstone University. 

At that point, I had literally never thought about working in commercial interiors. What I loved—and still do—is coaching, managing, and leading people. 

I got my start with SPACE in order entry. Later, I transitioned into sales and project management for our home organization services and, later, the commercial side of our business. Thanks to Kathie’s incredible encouragement and support, I grew into my current role where I oversee our team of 24 people. I also manage human relations, sales, and events. 

What does the new brand mean to SPACE as you continue growing?


I often find that external shareholders think SPACE is a lot bigger than we are. That’s pretty cool, especially when we’re competing against companies ten times our size when bidding for federal government jobs. This new brand will take us to the next level. We want to compete nationally and stay on the front lines of interior workplace design trends.

The modern look, paired with the growing ability to work remotely, will be an important asset in attracting top talent across the country. In our industry, whoever gets the best designers, wins.

What trends do you foresee when designing for the future of work?


If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the future of work isn’t going to be just one thing. We’re going to continue to see a variety of work settings—from offices, to homes, to coffee shops, and joint work spaces. 

We’re embracing the positives of remote work by allowing our staff more flexibility and recruiting across a wider talent pool. 

But we’re also seeing these trends emerging for our clients. We’re helping them design smaller office spaces that build community, collaboration, and loyalty for when staff are in the office. Beyond selecting furniture and design styles, we hope to be a trend-leader in supporting employers’ efforts to focus on staff’s wellbeing.

What message does the Gen 2 leadership have for staff and clients as you look to the future of SPACE?


I want everyone to know that we stand by our mission to make work life better for everyone we impact. And I plan to continue emphasizing our strong work culture, so we can continue being named one of the Best and Brightest places to work!


We’re a nimble, high-performing team, and this is what’s going to sustain us as a business over the next decade. At SPACE, we want to be able to celebrate our successes among our team and with our community. Being laser-focused on performance and experience will ensure that we are sustainable and viable now and going forward.