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Sustainable upcycling made easy

SPACE anew™ reinvents your workplace by upcycling and reimagining your existing furniture assets.

Reimagine your existing furniture

Through SPACE anew, our designers find creative ways to reimagine the furniture you already have, while adding stylish and functional elements to brighten up your workplace. You’ll receive our high quality redesign with dramatically lower material costs, minimal disruption to your work, and zero percent waste.

Try our SPACE anew Calculator to find out how much you can save in office furniture costs and how many pounds you can keep out of the landfill simultaneously!

Yeo and Yeo

- Saginaw, MI

“SPACE was the only choice for sustainability, because they were the only ones that thought to use our office furniture and make it look new.”

Explore how we helped this financial services firm reinvigorate their office by upcycling their barely used cubicles.

Asset 1
100 %
our goal is to keep less than 10% of your furniture ends up in the landfill
30- 0 %
less than new furniture
0 %
of existing assets reused
0 +
tons of office furniture ends up in the landfill every year
pounds of furniture kept out of the landfill with anew
pounds of furniture kept out of the landfill - our 2025 goal

Spicer Group

- Saginaw, MI

This architectural and engineering company turned their dated, closed-off, dark-colored office into an inspiring and collaborative environment through SPACE anew. Now, everyone has a choice of where to work and share information with each other.

Before and After with Upcycling

Key benefits of SPACE anew


We’ll reuse up to 90% of your existing furniture assets, sending zero percent to the landfill.


Our turnkey process creates the right balance of individual workstations and collaborative areas, at little to no disruption to your work.


SPACE anew costs 30-50% less than the cost of purchasing new furniture.


Your completed workspace will look new and professionally designed.


Upon completion of your project, SPACE will provide accurate documents and certifications that follow the EPA format to help meet your sustainability goals.