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Recognizing the ever-changing environments you work in, SPACE designs unique workspaces. These creative solutions are designed for work at home, work in an office, or work wherever you are. Hear from Megan Thomas, Senior Interior Designer – Account Manager at SPACE.

A unique design solution for your workspace

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I am part of an incredibly smart, creative, and technical team. We design unique workspaces that enable our clients to work more comfortably and productively—all while minimizing disruption and cost to employers.

It’s this ability to provide a comprehensive design solution that sets us apart from our competitors. We provide furniture products—we’re a preferred Haworth dealer, and offer a long list of other brands including AIS, National, and OFS. But we also can completely reinvent your workspace according to your business needs. 

Clients come to us when they face changes in their workplace. Maybe they’ve outgrown their existing building or are restructuring their organization. Maybe they need to retain or recruit new talent. Or they’re faced with a global pandemic that forces them to completely rethink their way of working. Whatever the reason, our team can help.

Each client engagement begins with a discovery meeting, where we explore the client’s dreams and desires and examine the scope of work. Then, we enter the design engagement phase where we provide a quote for our services. From here we gather information about the project. Next, we field-measure the space and conduct a furniture inventory, before providing the client with 3D renderings for review. If all looks good, we enter all orders and complete installation.

A memorable project with Spence Brothers

Spence Brothers—a general contractor based in Saginaw, Michigan—came to us with a challenge. They were moving from their old, small building to a new, renovated marketplace building called SVRC Marketplace. As a result, the family-led team wanted to maintain their 125 year legacy of commercial construction while modernizing their workspace. 

The team gave me the word “streetscape” as their vision. We incorporated wood canopies and outdoor lights over enclosed, glass offices. We added pipes and wood for shelving and corrugated metal for the reception. The conference room was designed to mirror their historic one, with the same legacy table. As you enter the office space, they added a history wall and framed photos of completed projects.

What started as a bold vision, is now a workspace that properly represents the creativity of the Spence Brothers team.

What does the future hold for designing unique workspaces?

COVID-19 will surely leave behind many workplace changes in its path. We anticipate an increased desire for collaborative, comfortable, and hospitable workspaces. Coming out of a forced work from home era, employees may crave human interaction but in a cozy, relaxed environment instead. 

We’re eager to continue designing unique workspaces for the future of work!

Carpet Tiles, What You NEED to Know!!

Carpet tiles have been and still are considered to be the height of fashion and practicality in the corporate office environment.  Here are just a few of the advantages of choosing carpet tiles for your office space.

Creativity:  Carpet tiles are the first and foremost when wanting to truly design a space.  With their small size and ability to be cut to precise shapes, carpet tiles let you create an environment that is right for your business.

Versatility:  Because of their size and layout, carpet tiles can be laid to fit rooms that are less than conventional.  Because carpet tiles can be cut easily, the process is easier, faster and produces a finished final product.

Durability:  Carpet tiles are VERY durable.  There is a reason carpet tiles have been around since the 50’s!

Warranties:  Carpet tiles can come with the best warranties for the life of your carpet.  Engineered wood and Laminate can come with a warranty, but most times are a shorter length with stipulations.

Bluescape Facilitates Infinite Collaborative Workspaces in a Digital World




Bluescape is an infinite, collaborative workspace designed to accelerate decision-making by enabling anyone to create, communicate, visualize, organize, and strategize virtually anything, anywhere, anytime.

Collaborate Without Bounds

Bluescape is an infinite, collaborative workspace designed to accelerate decision-making by enabling anyone to create, communicate, visualize, organize, and strategize virtually anything, anywhere, anytime. Through this new technology platform, decision-makers and product development teams are able to improve global communication and problem-solving with teams and executives around the world.

Education with Bluescape

Technology is changing the way we interact and learn. Recently, Grand Valley State University put Bluescape to work in the educational environment. See how the Bluescape technology enhanced the classroom experience – both in person and virtually.  –

Look your project in the eye.

Create notecards to capture, organize and share inspiration with your team.

Handwrite and sketch your ideas directly on screen in real time.

Drop pins to navigate your workspace and manage project details.

Stop at nothing.

Import media, documents, designs and third-party files into your workspace for everyone to access.

Share your screen with team members for fluid collaboration and presentations.

Use audio/video conferencing to connect your global teams in one workspace.

Work like clockwork.

Show and tell the evolution of your thinking during presentations.

Monitor the entire, detailed timeline of your project at any moment.

Flatten the learning curve for new users with all project information in one workspace.


Enclose Sliding Cubicle Walls By Haworth

Ready. Set. Change.

Enclose walls let you pull any space together in minutes flat. The unitized, factory-built panels arrive pre-assembled and ready to tilt into place – no assembly, complex scheduling of trade workers, lengthy downtime, or hidden costs required.

Once the walls are in place, any panel or door can be removed and replaced without disrupting the entire system, making them nimble enough to adapt to whatever the future may bring. Even power and data are reconfigurable, so you can update your walls as often as you update technology. Thanks to the reusable nature of Enclose, it minimizes what ends up in the landfill, too.

Effortless connections.

The standard four-inch frame of Enclose meshes perfectly with base building architecture, enhancing connections to create a refined atmosphere.  A range of heights and widths lets you tailor beautifully precise solutions for any ceiling height or building dimension. It’s also offered with a kit of parts to meet all building conditions, including bulkheads and HVAC systems, so you can create a seamless finish from floor to ceiling and column to column.


Can-do construction.

Enclose empowers walls to do much more than simply divide space. Hang shelves, accessories, or furniture – even from other manufacturers. Incorporate writing or magnetic surfaces into any part of the wall. Integrate quick-connect technology into each panel. Reinforce your brand throughout your environment. Improve acoustical privacy with an impressive sound transmission class (STC) rating of up to 45. And enjoy complete creative freedom to combine multiple materials – all for much less than you’d spend to achieve the same effects with conventional drywall.

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Project Spotlight – Health Enhancements Systems, Midland MI

Health Enhancement Systems in Midland, MI  creates “employee wellness competitions that span the globe and engage and inspire — with fun themes, challenging goals, and built-in social connections that dramatically increase participation and success.”  We were honored to help them realize their vision of a perfect office space, and are so truly happy with how this project turned out.  We invite you to tour the NEW Health Enhancement Systems!!















Thank you to Health Enhancement Systems for being an amazing company to work with and a true asset to our community!!

Could the Future of Your Office Space be Outdoors?

So many ideas are popping up showing the latest outdoor office spaces from around the world.  Some of the most successful US companies are offering these progressive amenities to boost productivity.  Simply put, it makes employees happier.

“Office design is often the silent partner, it influences and nudges us in ways you can’t predict. There are so many things that really impact not only how we interact and collaborate but also our performance.” Leigh Stringer,  author of The Healthy Workplace.

She adds that there is a strong correlation between employee health and productivity, so could this be the right option for your business?  Check out these offices that are promoting health and productivity for their employees.

Outbox in Downtown Silver Spring

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Sett Studio

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Office Pod by Manuel Villa

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Michael Hilgers Balcony Desk

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