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Office Furniture Decommissioning

A circular economy process, essential for businesses who are aiming to extract value and demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Extract the value from your existing assets and be a part of circular economy!

In an evolving world, the way we handle our office spaces and assets speaks volumes about our commitment to the environment and efficient resource management. Enter the world of office furniture decommissioning.

We’re not just about removing furniture. We’re about reimagining spaces and futures. SPACE Inc. presents an innovative and highly sustainable decommissioning solution, tailored to your business needs to extract the value from your existing furniture and save you time while providing metrics your business can utilize towards your ESG or Sustainability goals.


Contact us today to embark on your sustainable journey!


19,200 lbs of raw material

Equivalent to 69,851 miles driven by an average gasoline powered passenger vehicle.

Avoided release of 16,920 lbs of CO2 into the environment

Equivalent to 465 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

35,604 lbs of landfill waste

Equivalent to 1,218 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilled.

Energy savings 2,551,680
kilowatt- hours

Equivalent to 3,423,130 number of smartphones that can be charged.

Why is Decommissioning Important?

Economic Benefits

Extract value from your assets by repurposing or selling them.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce waste, minimize carbon footprint, and support a circular economy.

Social Benefits

By donating, you can support local communities and nonprofits.

Decommissioning Solution Highlights:

Sustainability at the Forefront

Extract value and minimize environmental impact with our tailored strategies.

Metrics That Matter

Track your carbon reduction, landfill avoidance, and natural resource savings.

Turn-Key Solution

From sustainable decommissioning to top-notch new design and furnishing, we’ve got you covered.