Case study: Kerkau Manufacturing

bright office with glass wall panels

Kerkau Manufacturing—located in Bay City, Michigan—is one of the premier manufacturers of pipe flanges and precision machined products in the United States.

We helped Kerkau design their new administrative building in 2016. So we were thrilled when they came back to us in 2020 for a refresh of their manufacturing office space.


Kerkau dreamed of an efficient workspace with modern amenities. With wood paneling considered outdated, they wanted to bring new life into the old space—updating the restrooms, kitchenette, and private offices.

They looked to SPACE to create a better flow throughout their workspace and bring more daylight, views, and updated technology into their workspace.


Our SPACE team provided a variety of services including new furniture, demountable walls, flooring, window treatments, and cabinetry for their break room. 

  • We thoughtfully selected architectural finishes. Kerkau wanted materials that were durable and easy to clean, since this office space connects to their manufacturing center.  
  • Our team added height-adjustable desks, which are more ergonomic and give users the ability to sit and stand as needed. We also added more efficient storage and frosted glass stacks on their panel dividers. This allowed for daylight to flood into the space, but still gives a sense of privacy. 
  • We also added power access to the desktops for easy charging of personal accessories. 
  • To help bring in more daylight and connect the private offices to the main area, we installed Haworth’s floor-to-ceiling, demountable walls. These glass panels connect to the ceiling and floor, but they’re different from conventional drywall. They can easily be moved and rearranged—giving Kerkau the growth potential they desired.

Kerkau understood that an efficient workspace doesn’t always mean a bigger footprint. You can maximize your space by condensing, rearranging, and making things more efficient.


In their break room and bathrooms, Kerkau dreamed of beautiful backsplashes without any grout—to avoid incessant cleaning! 

Below the upper cabinets in the breakroom, we painted an accent wall, then installed glass over it for a neat, clean aesthetic. In the bathrooms and mother’s rooms, we used 3form, a resin material with interwoven fibers. We placed this behind the mirror and above the countertop to provide an interesting focal point that was also seamless and cleanable. We’re proud of the way these creative solutions met the challenge Kerkau gave us.

If you’re looking to refresh your office space, we’re here to tackle any challenge you throw at us. Let’s start discussing your new workspace today!

Carpet Tiles, What You NEED to Know!!

Carpet tiles have been and still are considered to be the height of fashion and practicality in the corporate office environment.  Here are just a few of the advantages of choosing carpet tiles for your office space.

Creativity:  Carpet tiles are the first and foremost when wanting to truly design a space.  With their small size and ability to be cut to precise shapes, carpet tiles let you create an environment that is right for your business.

Versatility:  Because of their size and layout, carpet tiles can be laid to fit rooms that are less than conventional.  Because carpet tiles can be cut easily, the process is easier, faster and produces a finished final product.

Durability:  Carpet tiles are VERY durable.  There is a reason carpet tiles have been around since the 50’s!

Warranties:  Carpet tiles can come with the best warranties for the life of your carpet.  Engineered wood and Laminate can come with a warranty, but most times are a shorter length with stipulations.

SPACE Anew Community Service Project Goes From Ghastly to Gorgeous!

This week SPACE Inc. donated time and man power to turn an office from ghastly to gorgeous!  An office for the Greater Midland Early Care and Education program housed in the Longview Early Childhood Center was completely transformed.  Greater Midland Early Care and Education is partnered with the Longview ESA to provide wrap around care for children who are enrolled in programs or receive therapy services at the Longview building.  In addition Longview houses Great Start to Readiness Program, Head Start, Early Head Start, WIC, Mid-Michigan Health Pediatric Center and ECSC Preschool.  Children are also provided much needed services and therapies including Physical therapy, Occupational Therapies, Speech services and Applied Behavior Analysis for children on the autism spectrum.

“I want to thank SPACE Inc. and all of the wonderful people who came out and volunteered their time to make my office amazing!  The installers were a joy to work with and I couldn’t ask for anything else in a new office!  It is absolutely stunning!!” – Tai Petrillo, Program Director of Greater Midland Early Care and Education at Longview  “A very special thank you to John Dybas, Jeff Young, Mike Campbell, Paddy Hobohm and Bob Hobohm for volunteering their time to install this office after hours and Kathie Fuce-Hobohm for designing the work surfaces and coordinating the effort. I truly appreciate it!”

Just take a look at the before and after of this unbelievable transformation!

Momentum Textiles Offers PVC Free Sustainable Wallcovering

Momentum Textiles Offers PVC Free Sustainable Wallcovering – Momentum Textiles

The Wallcovering Collection designed by Patty Madden is Momentum Textiles’ first PVC free sustainable wallcovering. This foundational collection transcends markets with products suitable for everyday use. Working perfectly well in corporate, hospitality, higher education, healthcare and retail environments, the Wallcovering Collection has a robust sustainable story as well as exceptional performance. It cleans easily and hangs beautifully without the environmental issues of a vinyl wallcovering.

4 patterns, 56 colors

For a complete list of patterns and colors click HERE




About Patty Madden via

I LOVE designing and developing products.
When I get a new concept for a series of designs and I start exploring the possibilities I seem to fall “through the looking glass” where time and space fade into the background and the only thing is the pursuit of perfection.
I am equally involved in the technical aspects of creating new products as I am of the designs themselves. I have pioneered engraving and production methods in order to achieve the results I am after.
The ultimate goal is to create products that excite the imagination of interior designers and to give them new tools to fulfill their own visions.

Enclose Sliding Cubicle Walls By Haworth

Ready. Set. Change.

Enclose walls let you pull any space together in minutes flat. The unitized, factory-built panels arrive pre-assembled and ready to tilt into place – no assembly, complex scheduling of trade workers, lengthy downtime, or hidden costs required.

Once the walls are in place, any panel or door can be removed and replaced without disrupting the entire system, making them nimble enough to adapt to whatever the future may bring. Even power and data are reconfigurable, so you can update your walls as often as you update technology. Thanks to the reusable nature of Enclose, it minimizes what ends up in the landfill, too.

Effortless connections.

The standard four-inch frame of Enclose meshes perfectly with base building architecture, enhancing connections to create a refined atmosphere.  A range of heights and widths lets you tailor beautifully precise solutions for any ceiling height or building dimension. It’s also offered with a kit of parts to meet all building conditions, including bulkheads and HVAC systems, so you can create a seamless finish from floor to ceiling and column to column.


Can-do construction.

Enclose empowers walls to do much more than simply divide space. Hang shelves, accessories, or furniture – even from other manufacturers. Incorporate writing or magnetic surfaces into any part of the wall. Integrate quick-connect technology into each panel. Reinforce your brand throughout your environment. Improve acoustical privacy with an impressive sound transmission class (STC) rating of up to 45. And enjoy complete creative freedom to combine multiple materials – all for much less than you’d spend to achieve the same effects with conventional drywall.

For complete collection click HERE!



National Office Furniture Introduces Kozmic™ and Maneuver™ Collaborative Collections

National Office Furniture Introduces Kozmic™ and Maneuver™ Collaborative Collections JASPER, Ind., February 20, 2017 – National Office Furniture, a unit of Kimball International, Inc., introduces inspiring and innovative solutions that bring fresh design and functionality to their portfolio. Their new Kozmic and Maneuver collections focus on interaction and bringing people together.

The Kozmic collaborative collection was designed with the flexibility to outfit a variety of spaces. Kozmic’s combination of spines, seating, and tables provides the ability to configure a solution that is comfortable for all users, whether they are in a space for a short period of time or an extended stay. From the nomadic worker to the focused student, Kozmic’s sitting, leaning, standing, and perching capabilities are uniquely comfortable. Along with Kozmic’s innovative spine construction, its integrated power grommets complete the offering. By making the grommets easy to access and simple to use, Kozmic provides a stylish, comfortable spot to socialize, work, and power up.

Designed for gathering and interacting, the Maneuver collaborative collection joins National’s portfolio. This comprehensive package includes tables that are collaboration-focused and features shapes designed for interacting. Use these tables to create unique configurations that easily accommodate group learning and individual comfort. The Maneuver collection also includes a facilitator desk that is a simple solution to fit the needs of any presenter, facilitator, or speaker. With storage options and the flexibility to accommodate specific needs with a lectern and power grommets, the facilitator desk is easily customizable.