Case Study: 325,000 square feet for 3,000 government employees

A growing portion of our work involves servicing government agencies, often in Washington DC. For these projects, SPACE, Inc. submits a bid, competing against others to represent the organization.

A larger-than-life project request

In 2018, a request was issued for a four-phase, two-building remodel project—a total of 20 office floors.

They asked for three different teams to bid. Each of us was required to build a mock workstation and private office—all within a similar price structure. Each end user group was asked to interact with the mock-ups before casting a vote for their preference. 

Our team partnered with Haworth to be the dealer representing this government agency. And we ended up winning 13 of the 20 floors! This equaled more than 325,000 square-feet and now serves more than 3,000 end users.

Custom workplace design for varying end users

While the entire project was spaced out over four phases, each section was on an expedited schedule. So we assigned two designers—plus project managers—to each phase. 

This project was far from a cookie cutter, plug and play approach. 

Each user group had vastly different needs for their spaces—not to mention individual personalities. And each workspace included varying windows, columns, and other physical barriers to design. 

Alongside a design firm, SPACE met with each group, listening to their needs and desires and showing them all of Haworth’s furniture options and our sample finishes. Then we prepared three variations for each group to choose from.

A collaborative job well done

Our team enjoyed the challenge—designing some spaces in a traditional fashion and others in a more contemporary style. 

After three years of hard work, we recently wrapped up this job. It included private offices, workstations, conference rooms, training centers, and cafe areas. 

But we couldn’t have done this alone! We worked with more than 25 different manufacturers. And using project management technology, we navigated the complexities of this compressed timeline—completing it in time and on budget.

No job is too big or too small for SPACE’s talented and innovative team of designers, project managers, and installers. 

Whether you’re preparing to return to the office or simply need a refresh, give us a call today!

*We cannot provide the client’s name on this project due to privacy/legal reasons.

Case Study: Daisy Hill Crematory

comfortable modern office with decorative bookshelf

Daisy Hill Crematory — a crematory located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan—is committed to taking the mystery out of cremation with transparency and innovation.


The female owners at Daisy Hill Crematory came to SPACE with a unique challenge, and a first for us. They asked us to design a new crematory that encourages family involvement. So we built private gathering areas with comfortable and contemporary furnishings. 

Most crematories are industrial in nature, with little opportunity for a meaningful goodbye. But Daisy Hill is thoughtfully designed and decorated. Families have the opportunity to do whatever helps them find comfort before, during, and after the cremation. Whether it’s a private family viewing, witnessing the start of the cremation, waiting there while it takes place, or even taking part in starting the process themselves. 

They want families who choose cremation to receive the same opportunities to find closure and peace of mind as those who choose traditional funeral services.

Challenges and solutions

From the beginning, we met one-on-one with the Daisy Hill team quite often. We talked through furniture finishes, flooring, paint, and window treatments. 

“After only a few meetings, Lauren had a perfect sense of my design style. She offered selections that not only met, but exceeded my expectations—all within a reasonable, yet strict budget,” said Jane Clark, co-owner. 

Having never completed a crematory project before, we conducted a lot of research. And we asked questions of the Daisy Hill team around the desired traffic and visual flows.

“I’m a person who needs to see all of the puzzle pieces put together before making a decision, and Lauren seamlessly provided everything in a timely, friendly, and professional manner—even in challenging COVID-19 times,” Clark added.

To help make the space feel more warm and inviting, we designed the floor plan with a living room style. Gathering spaces with soft seating and high-end finishes provide meeting spaces for families.

You don’t have to be a traditional office in order to benefit from SPACE’s workplace design solutions! Our flexible, creative, and innovative team is up for any challenge.

Case Study: SOLV Marketing

red stools at a workplace counter in large, wood paneled office

SOLV Marketing is a Midland, Michigan creative agency offering social media marketing, video and photography, content writing, and brand identity services.


Often, our workplace design projects require us to start from scratch with a blank slate. But SOLV — being the creative geniuses they are — had already begun renovations on their office space. They installed the wood floor and wall paneling, the decal wallpaper, and the impressive chalkboard. 

But they found themselves trapped in a time-suck of searching for the perfect furniture and accessories. That’s when they called us at SPACE in for support and decision-making!


The SOLV team gave us specific direction on their vision. They wanted a steampunk theme: a retrofuturistic subgenre of science fiction that incorporates technology from 19th century steam-powered machinery. (We had to Google that!)

Their clear — if a bit complicated — theme meant they hadn’t found the right furniture solution. The team also wasn’t sure if they were going to stay in their leased building, so they requested a somewhat flexible design solution, just in case.

Finally, the building’s original wood trim is a much lighter tone than the color selected for the new flooring and wall paneling.

Working with the existing elements in their space, our team searched high and wide for the right furniture solution. We landed on Arcadia Contract’s Worksmith brand. This modern furniture style is functional, flexible, and ties in the lighter wood trim.

Taking SOLV’s stylistic lead with the steampunk theme, we selected a handful of fun, bold, humorous accessories. These included a globe, giant dice, a funky blue coat hanger, and a small wheeled cart. 

We’re proud of the way we stepped into this challenge, creating collaborative spaces and a laid back, enjoyable space for the SOLV Marketing team. We can work with you on any workplace design project — no matter what stage you’re in!

Completed photos:

Original renderings:

Case Study: Commerce Comfort Care

Commerce Comfort Care Senior Living aims to redefine senior care through delivering remarkable care, and weaving luxury throughout every facility.

We’ve worked with Comfort Care on several previous projects. So we were thrilled when they approached us in 2017 with a new build in Commerce, Michigan. The team believes that each new facility provides the opportunity to implement lessons learned and build for the future.

Commerce Comfort Care offers standard and deluxe resident rooms and cozy common spaces. The campus includes a large open dining room and bistro cafe, a library, a salon, a spa, outdoor courtyards, and much more!

bright, modern lobby
outside view of commerce comfort cares building

The problem:

Comfort Care approached SPACE for assistance with interior design and furniture specification on their new build in Commerce—hoping to establish and grow this new location. 

The team at Comfort Care desired senior living spaces that safely encouraged activity, conversation, and, well, comfort!

The challenges:

Wisely stewarding their budget, Comfort Care desired a classic, upscale, and customized design at an affordable price. Thankfully, our designers were up for the challenge of finding a balance between beautiful design and cost effectiveness.

A second challenge was the need to select furniture that is both comfortable and functional for Comfort Care’s elderly residents. We carefully identified warm and hospitable furniture that wasn’t too deep or too fluffy—furniture designed to help seniors easily sit and stand up. 

Finally, Comfort Care also serves a population that battles dementia. For these living areas, we designed spaces with more minimal and neutral colors and patterns to make it easier on these residents’ eyes.

The solutions:

To offer Comfort Care the most bang for their buck, we poured much focus into the building’s common areas. We knew that’s where people most often tour, gather, and communicate. This included making a great impression with the front lobby. We worked with the architect to specify finishes for paint, wall coverings, wood panels, custom carpet, and greenery.

However, we also paid attention to the residents’ rooms. All rooms at Commerce Comfort Care are private. But a variety of options are available including studios, multiple bedrooms, and deluxe rooms. The residential rooms feature beautiful natural light, cathedral ceilings, private bathrooms, and more.

As we wrapped up this project, we left Comfort Care with flexible spaces that could serve multiple functions—giving them room to grow, expand, or rearrange.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, we absolutely recommend checking out Commerce Comfort Care—and their other communities around Michigan.