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Case Study: RRB Decommissioning


Our commitment to sustainability just got a major upgrade with the utilization of our SPACE Anew program! Guided by Executive Order 13834, we had an opportunity to revolutionize furniture decommissioning with a focus on eco-friendly practices and community impact. 

With a vision to clear over 90% of furniture and offices assets, we teamed up with the General Services Administration (GSA) and recycling firms to responsibly remove and recycle unused office furniture at the RRB in the hearth of Chicago. Result, 49.61 tons of office furniture kept out of the landfill, in addition to completing the project on time and budget with raving customer reviews.

Check out the picture to read the case study and reach out to us to start the journey on your project. Together, let’s make a difference, one upcycled cubicle at a time! #RecycleRevolution #SPACEAnewCASE STUDY – US RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD

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Case Study: RRB Decommissioning

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